Put Down That Rock

Last Sunday’s sermon titled, “Put Down That Rock” was based on the story of the woman brought to Jesus after being caught in an adulteress affair. (John 8:1-11)
We were reminded that an important aspect of our faith is forgiveness and not just for ourselves but for others. Here are some things to consider when reflecting on this message.

  1. We have all been hurt by others and our natural instinct is to hit back.
  2. Jesus calls us to forgive those who have hurt us because we too have hurt those around us and we need forgiveness.
  3. Forgiving someone is an act of faith and of obedience to God.
  4. The act of forgiveness frees us from the bondage and the damage of holding a grudge.
  5. We may not have the strength to forgive but God does and if we let him he’ll help us to forgive those who we may struggle to forgive.

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