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You Were Made For A Purpose

Yesterday during our worship service Pastor Chris presented a message titled, "You Were Made For A Purpose" which was based on Romans 12:1-8. Here are a few points based on the message for you to consider:   1. God made you and you are uniquely gifted for a reason. (Romans 12:6)   2. Your gifts…
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The Real McCoy

Today's sermon was titled, "The Real McCoy" and was based on John 13:31-35.  Here are a few points from the message to consider: 1.To be a Christian means to be a follower of Jesus, both in our beliefs and in actions. 2.As Christians we do many things like worshiping God and sharing the Gospel Message…
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We Are The Church

We had a wonderful day at church today with our Fall Kick Off event. Today's sermon was titled, "We Are The Church" and was based on Matthew 16:13-18. Here a few points to think about.   1. Since the fall of humanity back in the Garden of Eden God has been carrying out his plan…
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Be The Difference

Today's sermon was titled "Be The Difference" and was based on 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. Here are a couple of points to think about.   1. The Apostle Paul achieved much in his lifetime but with all his accomplishments Paul pointed out that it wasn’t his words that were persuasive but it was the power of…
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Have No Fear

Today's sermon was titled "Have No Fear" and was based on Matthew 10:24-31. Here are a few take aways from the message.   1. Christians need to be aware that we will face times of persecution because of our faith. (Matthew 10:24)   2. The idea of being attacked because of our faith can be…
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