Dundalk Wesleyan Church is a friendly, family oriented church dedicated to knowing and loving God and each other as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our community and beyond. Our doors are open and we invite you to come and be a part of this exciting adventure with us.

Due to the Coronavirus situation and our desire as a church to help keep everyone safe many of the activities of our church have been modified.  Here is some important information for you as you consider joining us for one of our worship services.


First, your safety and the safety of those around you is extremely important so please if you are unwell or are dealing with a preexisting health issue or you are immunocompromised stay home and worship with us online.


Second, while at church please remember to practice the social distancing protocols that we are all used to following, this includes not shaking hands or giving hugs to other people in the church.


Third, when entering the church, you must wear a face mask that covers both your nose and mouth and you will be required to use hand sanitizer as you enter the building.  We do have a limited amount of disposable face masks but not an unlimited amount so we're asking people to bring their own face masks if possible.


Fourth, please note there are many activities that we are used to doing when we are at the church that for the time being will not take place. Unfortunately at this time:


 Sunday School Classes are cancelled.


There is no Children's Church.


The Nursery Room is closed.


The Church Kitchen is closed.


There will not be any refreshments or fellowship time at the church before or after the service.


We will not be distributing any paper handouts at the church - this includes church bulletins or clipboard materials for the children.


There will not be any congregational singing. (We know this is hard but in light of COVID-19 singing is considered a high risk activity.)


For our In-Person Worship Service here are the details and protocols that we will all have to follow.


The church service will begin at 10:30am.


The church doors will be locked until ten minutes before the service to ensure people do not congregate in the building before the service. The church doors will be opened at 10:20 and at that time you are encouraged to come in and go directly into the sanctuary.


The seating in the church is divided in rows of three and four. Please sit with those in your social circle and choose seating in which you maximize space. (i.e.: if you come to church by yourself or with one or two other people in your social circle please sit in a row of three chairs if that is possible.)


After the worship service is completed you will be dismissed, at that time you are asked to leave the building.  Do not stop to talk to someone while in the building, wait until you are out of the building and in the parking lot to have a conversation.


If you have children and would like them to have an activity such as a colouring page you will have to bring the items from home and we ask that you please do not share them with other families.



Please know we will be working hard to provide our worship service online as quickly as possible. We will try each week to stream the service live on Facebook and we will upload the service to YouTube as quickly as possible.


For church at home please check the latest sermon by clicking  on our Sermon Page which you can find on our website under the "UPDATE" menu tab.


For an update on church activities please check our Facebook page (Look for Dundalk Wesleyan Church).